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Laboratory of Biotransformation

Laboratory of Biotransformation is a part of Division of Biogenesis and Biotechnology of Natural Compounds of of Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic.

Research performed in the Laboratory of Biotransformation integrates both chemical and biological disciplines. It embraces biotransformations and chemical modifications of natural compounds (polysaccharides, alkaloids, antibiotics, etc.) as well as isolation of microorganisms and use their enzymes for biotransformations. One of the main interests of a laboratory staff is devoted to glycobiology. Research is formally structured into several projects – according to given or planned grants – but coherent mutual collaboration exists throughout the laboratory.

Please report any technical problem to our – we are open to your comments and suggestions!

We are part of team involved in the project (Preparation, biotransformation and optimisation of compounds with antitumor and antibacterial properties).

Institute of Microbiology - Czech Academy of Sciences