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Theme Abstract

COST Action CM0701

Cascade Chemoenzymatic Processes – New Synergies Between Chemistry and Biochemistry

The main objective of the Action is to increase the innovative potential of biocatalysis by promoting the multistep catalytic concept, thus bringing this methodology closer to the application sphere.

The integration of biocatalysis into chemical processes is one of the three pillars (the pillar) of the European Platform on „Sustainable Chemistry“. This methodology also belongs to the fundamental strategies of „Green Chemistry“.

Therefore, this COST Action (acronym ) aims to enhance the synthetic potential of biocatalysis by coupling biotransformations one to another and integrating them with chemical steps to increase the product purity and yields close to quantitative values. A multidisciplinary approach is required to achieve this goal, involving precursor synthesis, enzyme screening, heterologous protein expression, enzyme mutagenesis, biocatalyst (co)-immobilization, bioreactor design and chiral product analysis.

CASCAT will consist of four Working Groups applying the multi-step approach to the synthesis/modi­fication and transfer of glycosyl donors/acceptors, the deracemization of amino acids by multiple hydrolase systems, the synthesis of valuable amides and carboxylic acids from cheap chemicals (e.g. aldehydes) via combined action of enzymes involved in nitrile metabolism and entry or follow-up (chemo)enzymatic steps, the development of novel paths to biologically relevant chiral compounds using multienzyme-carboligation reactions or in situ cofactor regeneration.

This research will focus on the production of bioactive target molecules (e.g., non-natural amino-acids, glycoconjugates and mimetics, flavonoids, steroids) and chiral precursors of enantiopure pharmaceuticals.

  • Keywords: Cascade reactions, Multistep enzymatic transformations, Biocatalysis, Industrial Biotechnology, Sustainable Chemistry.
  • Domain: Chemistry and Molecular Sciences and Technologies
  • Action title: Cascade Chemoenzymatic Processes – New Synergies Between Chemistry and Biochemistry

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