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Theme Abstract

COST Action CM1303

Systems Biocatalysis

Systems Biocatalysis is a new approach consisting of organizing enzymes in vitro to generate an artificial metabolism for synthetic purposes. The strategy of this key new platform deals with the analysis of enzymatic systems in vivo, the development and discovery of new biocatalysts, and their assembly in vitro into novel synthetic metabolic pathways.

This network aims at the controllable construction of metabolic pathways for the efficient synthesis of valuable chemical products. Tasks involved are the discovery of new biocatalyst, the optimization of their function, mutual compatibility and regulation, and the construction of a continuous flux for high efficiency.

These tasks require research in various disciplines, as well as in molecular and engineering aspects of whole synthetic reaction sequences. Therefore this multidisciplinary Action is organized by an innovative grid WG structure. The latter will interface vertical thematic pillars with horizontal technology bridges, to foster a profound integration of the ERA. The new collaborative research network will develop innovative methods for the discovery, design, optimization, and use of novel biocatalytic modules towards a plug-and-play enzymatic toolbox concept.

This platform will be instrumental for the training of the next generation of researchers in cutting-edge technologies and for the rapid translation of results into value creation by European industries.


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