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Theme abstract

COST WG D25/0001/01

New enzymes for synthesis of oligoglycosides will be screened and characterized, especially a/b N-acetylmannosa­minidase which is not known yet, enzyme library will be created. Novel methods for enzymatic synthesis of bioactive glycosides will be developed using complementary approaches, e.g., biphasic systems, cosolvents, ionic liquids, high salt concentrations. New reaction conditions will be tested in enzymatic glycosylation to improve their effectiveness. Semisynthetic substrates and sugar mimetics will be used as targets for enzymatic glycosylation. New synthetic glycosidase donors (azides, fluorides) will be developed and optimized. Regioselectivity of enzymatic glycosylations will be increased using partly protected sugars by chemoenzymatic acylation. Advanced NMR methodology and molecular modelling will be used for mechanistic studies of interactions of inhibitors and modified substrates with glycosidases and target proteins (receptors). As target structures ligands for the NKR-P1 receptor (NK cells) based on the aminosugars and derivatives of isoglobotriose (a-Gal structures) for xenotransplantation problems will be prepared by chemoenzymatic procedures and the compounds will be tested in biological systems (in vitro and ex vivo).


COST Actions

Institute of Microbiology - Czech Academy of Sciences