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Theme abstract

COST WG D25/0002/02

Nitriles and amides are widely exploited as building blocks in organic synthesis. The problems associated with their chemical hydrolysis (low yields, poor regio-, chemo- and stereoselectivity) can be overcome by the use of enzymes – nitrile hydratases, nitrilases and amidases. This project aims to introduce nitrile-converting microorganisms with new substrate specificities and improved regio-, chemo- and stereoselecti­vities. Physico-chemical modifications (immobilization, lyophilization, solubilization and treatment by chemical reagents of the enzymes) and medium-engineering (particularly application of organic cosolvents) will be utilized in order to enhance the potential of nitrile and amide biotransformations. The introduction of novel biocatalysts and processes is expected to enable major improvements in the production of fine and pharmaceutical chemicals. Besides, the project will provide background knowledge applicable in the reduction of environmental pollution caused by toxic nitrile contaminants.


COST Actions

Institute of Microbiology - Czech Academy of Sciences