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Theme: Stereoselective synthesis of piperidine derivatives

COST WG D28/0008/03

Stereoselective synthesis of piperidine derivatives as useful synthons for target-oriented and diversity-oriented synthesis of bioactive natural products and analogues

The proposal aims at enforcing a scientific cooperation concerning the stereoselective synthesis of piperidine derivatives. The merging of the skills of the partners will make possible the preparation of different enantiomerically pure synthons that will be used as starting materials for the enatioselective preparation of different natural products and analogues of interest in the light to assist the drug discovery processes. The application of the new concepts regarding the diversity-oriented synthesis will make available the approach toward new compounds with new architectures with the possible discovery of new leads. All the partners of the proposal have been developing stereoselective synthesis of piperidine derivatives or have been working in the field of the synthesis of nitrogen-containing compounds. Their own research focused in different aspects of the organic synthesis including the bio-mediated reactions. Another problem solved is modification of piperidine-moiety in natural products

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