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Novosides FP7

Our laboratory takes part in research project funded under Europien Commission.

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Novosides is a collaborative research project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Four academic institutes and two industrial partners from five European countries are involved in the work packages.

Our goal is the such as flavonoids, alkaloids and steroids. Glycosylation can drastically improve both the physicochemical and biological properties of these molecules, but very few biocatalysts are currently available to perform this modification cost-efficiently at the industrial scale.

The glycosylation potential of will now be explored in more detail. These enzymes catalyze the transfer a glycosyl group from cheap and readily available donor substrates (e.g. sucrose) to different acceptor molecules.

To maximize their performance, the enzymes’ by means of directed evolution, using novel fluorescent probes as tools for high-throughput screening. The reactions will then be optimised and scaled-up at pilot plant facilities to allow the commercial exploitation of the glycosylated products.

Staff directly involved

Institute of Microbiology - Czech Academy of Sciences