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Rutinosidases and hesperidinases are unique microbial disaccharide-specific glycosidases (diglycosidases), and their transglycosylation activities can be exploited for the one-step synthesis of a series of non-natural diglycosides with various functional groups. Diglycosidases are a rare group of enzymes, which recognize the heterosidic linkage between a disaccharide and its aglycone. Rutinose-containing compounds and polymers are expected to have interesting pharmacological and medicinal applications, because both glycosidic linkages in these glycoconjugates are resistant to hydrolysis in human tissues. Waste products of the agro- and fruit juice-producing industry contain large amounts of rutin and hesperidin, which represent inexpensive starting materials for the synthesis of rutinosylated glycoconjugates.

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