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Technology Offer

As a part of research activities of our laboratory some applicable technologies as well as other practical results were gained. Here you find the survey of them. For more detailed information you can contact appropriate people (see hyperlinks).

Relevant patents.

1. Isoquercitrin (Quercetin-3-β-glucopyranoside), Bioquercetin

V. Křen, , P. Marhol

Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Prague has developed a proprietary enzymatic technology for a selective hydrolysis of rutin into isoquercitrin. It is very robust a relatively simple technology that is biocompatible, without the use of any harmful chemicals and organic solvents.


More details on Isoquercitrin (Quercetin-3-β-glucopyranoside), Bioquercetin

2. Library of glycosidases

V. Křen,

More than 70 β-N-acetylhexosami­nidases, almost 60 α-galactosidases, 15 α-L-rhamnosidases, and a series of β-galactosidases, α-glucosidases and α-L-fucosidases from different fungal strains are available as ammonium sulfate precipitates. This preparations allows structural studies (e.g., crystalization) and prevents impairing of glycosylation patterns occuring during lyphilization. Preparations, made on the laboratory scale, are fairly stable. The library of these enzymes, whose synthetic ability was tested, can be used for synthesis of glycosides from different substrates (combinatorial chemistry) or for selective cleavage (trimming) of various substarates.

The enzymes are available also on a large scale on request (hundreds – thousands units).

3. N-Acetylmannosamine containing carbohydrates

V. Křen,

Methodology for production of special saccharides containing N-acetylmannosamine covered by 2 patent applications: e.g. p-nitrophenyl α/β-N-acetylmannosa­minide, GlcNAcβ(1–4)ManNAc, GalNAcβ(1–4)ManNAc, GalNAcβ(1–4)Glc­NAcβ(1–4)ManNAc, GlcNAcβ(1–4)G­lcNAcβ(1–4)Man­NAc and many others.

Original separation methodology for semipreparatory and preparatory separation of hexosamines and their derivatives.

Institute of Microbiology - Czech Academy of Sciences